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100 Most asked Interview Questions of Instrumentation Engineering

Instrumentation Engineering has become one of the major Engineering domains in the 21st Century. With advancement of automation, demand for Instrumentation Engineering has increased manifold. There is numerous job opportunity around the world, yet freshers and young engineers find it difficult crack interviews. It may be due to lack of resources and exposure of industry. There is a huge gap between what is taught in Colleges and what is required in Industry. This course aims to bridge that gap. This course is not a Traditional Course, rather it discusses about application part of it. It is like a crash course, which you can go through within 1-2 Days before the Interview. I have made the question/ answers in the MCQ format so that it can be useful for competitive examinations also.

Many times, even if we know many things, still we do not perform well in the Interview. This is because we lack confidence. As you go through the questions in this course, you will understand your knowledge gaps. You study on your knowledge gap and again go through the questions. You should go through all the questions at least 3 times to have best results.

Go through all the questions, it will boost your confidence just before the crucial Interview.

100 most asked Instrumentation Interview Questions
Download PDF • 1.44MB

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