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CMRP Examination Preparation Guidelines

How to Start and Get Certified

CMRP Stands for Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional.

The CMRP is a certification exam, and it’s the leading credential for validating knowledge and skills relating to maintenance, reliability, and physical asset management.

•CMRP Certification is offered by SMRP (Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals), a nonprofit organization. SMRP, in turn, is owned by its members, who are maintenance and reliability practitioners themselves. As such, it’s an organization made by practitioners for practitioners.

•After its founding in 1992, its members identified a need for certification to validate the skills and knowledge of practitioners. It is from here that the CMRP developed—to serve as a benchmark for maintenance and reliability best practices.

Benefits of a CMRP Certification:


•Increased Hire-ability

•Widely Recognized Validation

•Get More Value in the Organization you are working


•Cost Savings for Organizations

•Helps in getting Contracts

Exam Format & Duration:

The CMRP exam is a timed test, with a two and a half hour limit. At 110 multiple-choice questions, that comes out to 1.7 minutes per question.

Languages for the Exa