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CMRP Examination Preparation Guidelines

How to Start and Get Certified

CMRP Stands for Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional.

The CMRP is a certification exam, and it’s the leading credential for validating knowledge and skills relating to maintenance, reliability, and physical asset management.

•CMRP Certification is offered by SMRP (Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals), a nonprofit organization. SMRP, in turn, is owned by its members, who are maintenance and reliability practitioners themselves. As such, it’s an organization made by practitioners for practitioners.

•After its founding in 1992, its members identified a need for certification to validate the skills and knowledge of practitioners. It is from here that the CMRP developed—to serve as a benchmark for maintenance and reliability best practices.

Benefits of a CMRP Certification:


•Increased Hire-ability

•Widely Recognized Validation

•Get More Value in the Organization you are working


•Cost Savings for Organizations

•Helps in getting Contracts

Exam Format & Duration:

The CMRP exam is a timed test, with a two and a half hour limit. At 110 multiple-choice questions, that comes out to 1.7 minutes per question.

Languages for the Exam:

•Currently, the test is offered in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. All translation work has been handled by professionals.


•You’ll find out immediately after the exam—within five minutes or so—whether you passed or failed.

What Does the CMRP Encompass?

The exam assesses an individual’s aptitude within the five pillars of the SMRP’s body of knowledge. Those pillars are:

•Business & Management

•Manufacturing Process Reliability

•Equipment Reliability

•Organization & Leadership

•Work Management

Each of these pillars details an area of maintenance, reliability, and physical asset management that individuals need to be proficient in to improve their career.

Passing Criteria:

There’s no set number. Each question on the exam is weighted based on its complexity and the number of people who have gotten it right in the past. As such, there’s no way to tell how many questions you need to answer correctly in order to pass, so it’s best to try to shoot for 100%.

Exam Centers:

After registering online, you’ll be given a time and location that meets your needs. The SMRP has 5,000 test centers all over the world, so odds are there’s one near you.

Charges for the Certification:

SMRP Membership Fees for one year $170

CMRP EXAM Charges as a SMRP Member $300

CMRP EXAM Charges as a Non-member $470

Registration Process:

•Select the Certification EXAM(CMRP in this case)

•Determine Your Eligibility

•Complete Application Form and Payment

•Schedule Your Exam

•Take your Exam

•Maintain Your Certification

Recommendations for Studying and Taking the CMRP:

A. Joining SMRP gives you access to their resources, including their Body of Knowledge, which can be downloaded from their website. Additional resources available from SMRP include:

• SMRP’s metrics definitions

• SMRP Best Practices

• Global Maintenance and Reliability Indicators

• The CMRP Guide for Certification and Recertification

B. With the last item (the CMRP guide), you do not have to be a member to download it. Since it contains sample questions, it can be a valuable study aid.

C. Joining a local SMRP chapter is also recommended since they help you learn from others. These can be found online, and they include special interest chapters as well as general chapters.

Books to Read:

The Rules of Thumb for Maintenance and Reliability Engineers by Ricky Smith and Keith Mobley

Engineering Reliability: Fault Trees and Reliability Block Diagrams by Harry G. Kwatny

Maintenance Best Practices by Ramesh Gulati

What We Offer:

•Complete Training on every aspects of Five Pillars . Training will be online and one to one or in groups

•Mock Test

30 days Money back guarantee. No Questions Asked Return Policy

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